Mailstore Home 7.1: Email backup software update available

Mailstore Home is my go-to software when it comes to backing up email and migrating email between programs and computer systems. I’m using it to speed up Thunderbird by backing up and removing old emails from the application to lighten its load, and to backup Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo Emails.

The developers of Mailstore have just released version 7.1 of the program introducing official support for Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system. This is the only new feature addition to the application. Four additional changes have been made to the program, of which two are bug fixes for issues that some users may have encountered while using the application.

  • The authentication mechanism Digest MD5 is no longer usable in combination with the IMAP protocol
  • Changed E-mail messages that (because of an error) still exist in the search index, but not in the database, are longer contained in search results
  • Fixed Debug log files have an incorrect name under certain circumstances
  • Fixed Outlook MSG files whose Internet Headers property does not end with a line break can’t be read by MailStore

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Automatic offsite backup techniques

As part of the business continuity or disaster recovery, it is imperative for every organization to maintain a copy of its electronic data at an offsite location. Offsite backups can be maintained manually or through automatic means. When maintained manually, the backups are taken physically on media like tapes, magnetic discs etc at the onsite location and then transported to the offsite storage location. In an automatic offsite backup, there is no manual intervention involved and therefore is less error prone and can be done at more frequent intervals. Couple of automatic offsite backup solutions are listed below. Continue reading “Automatic offsite backup techniques”

Information Security Standards under ISO

When we discuss about Information Security Standards under ISO, the first thing that comes to mind is ISO 27001 – which is  the specification for an Information Security Management System.


However, apart from ISO 27001 (which is a standard under which certificate can be obtained), there are many other initiatives under ISO standards covering IT Security – some are published standards, while some are work in progress.


Here is a brief listing of some such standards:
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A Data Center View

When an enterprise is small in size the IT infrastructure consists of a server room with couple of low end servers, some networking devices and client PCs. But as the organization grows the IT infrastructure too grows in size. Medium to large scale enterprises have data centers of their own or outsource the data center (DC) operations to service providers who specialize in DC operations. In this article, let us have a peek into a typical data center and look at what components are deployed.


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