KPMG red-faced after being found with data leak

Sensitive data has been found on KPMG’s website soon after the consultancy released a report revealing blue chip companies doing the same.

Security researcher Robin Wood found 400 email addresses, 164 users and 112 PC names along with printers, software versions and  “quite a lot of internal directories” on the US KPMG site.


Should You Be Worried about Mobile Security?

Nearly every survey and article on information security during the last 12 months have one common baseline : “Organisations are concerned about Mobile Security”.


In a recent survey of 100 UK businesses with annual revenue of over $25 million, the 2013 AT&T Business Continuity Study found that 83 percent of executives are concerned about the use of mobile networks and devices and its impact on security threats.


Various surveys indicate that though Smartphones and Tablets are everywhere, the majority of users aren’t aware of the importance of mobile security, or how to best protect themselves.
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How To Build Your Own CSI Forensics Lab

How To Build Your Own CSI Forensics Lab

If you’ve been waiting for the right handbook to come along and tell you how to build your own forensic laboratory, keep waiting. The National Institute of Standards Technology (NIST)’s new edition of the “Forensic Science Laboratories: Handbook for Facility …



Intrusion Deception – Counter offense is the best defense

Information Security mostly revolves around defense in depth. Hitherto, we have had ‘Intrusion Detection’ and ‘Intrusion Prevention’ tools and techniques. But the newest technique in securing information assets, ‘Intrusion Deception’, has turned the security concept upside down and relies on counter offensive ‘honey pot’ methodology to protect the information assets in an organization. Continue reading “Intrusion Deception – Counter offense is the best defense”

Mobile Phone Flaw Opens 500m SIMs To Hackers

A flaw has been discovered in the security of 500 million mobile phones that could them vulnerable to attack, cyber researchers have said.