Secure your wireless router before it is too late

Most of us use wireless routers at office and home. While the office routers are generally secured (hopefully), most home routers are provided by broadband operators wih default configurations and passwords.  In a worst case it may happen that these are set as unsecured. There is increasing risk of an intruder using an unsecured network or hacking into a home wireless network and sending out malicious mails. Continue reading “Secure your wireless router before it is too late”

Securing information through Identification, Authentication and Authorisation

Authentication is a critical component of the access control mechanisms implemented by organizations to secure information. Underlying principle of logical access control is to identify whether a user is in fact the right person whom he claims to be and provide the right type of access to that person. Continue reading “Securing information through Identification, Authentication and Authorisation”

Data Breach Involving Financial Data

Financial Institutions have always been highly susceptible to data breaches and as per indicators the first half of 2010 has not been any different. Already 39 breaches have been reported by Financial Institutions, and considering that reported breaches form a tip of the iceberg in relation to total breaches, actual breaches are expected to be significantly higher. Continue reading “Data Breach Involving Financial Data”