Business Model for Information Security – What is it all about?

The role of information security has not been clearly defined in many organizations and these organizations face challenges such as lack of senior management’s commitment to information security initiatives, poor security planning, integration issues between business goals and information security, issues relating to accountability for implementing, monitoring and reporting on information security and so on. Continue reading “Business Model for Information Security – What is it all about?”

Firewall Types

A firewall is a set of related programs located at a network gateway server that protects the resources of a private network from users on other networks. There are several types of firewalls used in the past and being used today based on their performance, technology, requirement, and level of security. Below here are most commonly used types of firewalls in the industry:

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Gone with the Wind – Unauthorised Disclosure of Information

Information may sometimes be disclosed to people for whom it is not intended. This usually does not bode well for information stake holders. Information may be disclosed either intentionally or unintentionally. Information can be disclosed unintentionally by social engineering, covert channels, malicious code etc. Accidental disclosure includes object reuse and emanation.

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