US Banks Plan Cyber Security Drill

A cyber attack drill aimed at helping companies understand risks during a cyber attack and evaluate their incident response strategies is set to happen in the second half of October. Companies can use this drill to analyse and update their cyber attack response plan. The drill is being conducted free of charge and Banks and financial institutions that provide payment services and are exposed to cyber attacks can participate.
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Is mobile anti-virus even necessary?

It’s no secret, or at least not anymore: people generally do not use any sort of anti-virus or malware protection on their mobile device. Recent IDC research has indicated that only 5 percent of all smartphones and tablets have some sort of security tools installed on them, raising the question of whether or not that kind of software is even necessary.

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Log local network connections with NetworkConnectLog

While you can make use of specialized system admin tools to find out which devices have been connected to a local area network in the past, it is not really something that is really something that you may want to explore if you need to run a quick check. That’s what NetworkConnectLog by Nirsoft has been created for. It is a lightweight portable networking tool that scans the local area network for you in intervals to record any device connections to its log.

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Gang exploits both physical and system security during bank robbery

The Metropolitan Police Central e-Crime Unit (PCeU) arrested eight men, aged between 24 and 27, on Thursday, in connection to a robbery from the Swiss Cottage branch of Barclays Bank in April. According to police statements, the theft resulted in the loss of 1.3 million pounds ($2 million), but the bank managed to recover most of the stolen funds.

In an unusual twist, one rarely mentioned or seen when it comes to financially motivated cybercrime, the men allegedly mixed physical penetration and social engineering with system compromise in order to carry out their crimes.

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ENISA report on top cyber threats

ENISA presented its list of top cyber threats, as a first “taste” of its interim Threat Landscape 2013 report.


The study analyses 50 reports, and identifies an increase in threats to: infrastructure through targeted attacks; mobile devices; and social media identity thefts carried out by cyber-criminals over cloud services.


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Android WebView vulnerability allows hacker to install malicious apps

WebView is an essential component in Android and iOS. It enables applications to display content from online resources and simplifies task of performing a network request, parsing the data and rendering it.

AVG Security expert reported a critical vulnerability in Android’s WebView feature that allows an attacker to install malicious software, send SMSs and performing more tasks.

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