Case Study for Custom Application Evaluation

Client Overview

  • A large nationalized bank with over 1200 branches
  • Uses customized Core Banking Solution(CBS) across branches
  • Complex IT infrastructure to support CBS solution.
  • CBS supports the entire suite of banking products
Qadit’s Approach
  • Apply knowledge of banking operations in the design of appropriate test cases
  • Evaluate test logs using data analysis tools to identify exceptions
  • Carry system audits using special tools/software
  • Evaluate regulatory compliance with RBI and Basel II guidelines

Key Findings/Recommendations

  • Logical access controls on the customized application needed to be strengthened
  • Modification to critical master data records are possible without the appropriate approvals
  • Details of PAN number are not captured when deposit value exceeds prescribed limits
  • Transactions to ‘black listed’ borrowers are not blocked by the application
  • Security of user credential during transmission was weak