10 Steps To Secure Remote Access Software

Remote access software has many useful areas of application like internal IT support, vendor support for software / hardware, accessing office computer from home pc, webinars, etc. However, remote access usage comes with a plethora of security concerns. In this article, I am enlisting some of the basic security measures to be taken by users of remote access software to protect their information assets. Continue reading “10 Steps To Secure Remote Access Software”

Physical Security – Welcome The weakest link in IT-security

Companies often end up investing huge amounts in creating logical and network security perimeters and at times physical security is relegated to the background.¬†According to New York Post, A civilian official of the NYPD’s pension fund has been charged with taking computer data that could be used to steal the identities of 80,000 current and retired cops.¬†According to news reports, Bonelli bypassed the security guard on duty by flashing an expired ID card. His name was also not on a list of authorized personnel. Continue reading “Physical Security – Welcome The weakest link in IT-security”