Checklist to secure data in mobile phones

As per a recent statistic, about a million mobile handsets are getting lost every year. While mobile phones carry valuable data such as business contacts, emails, documents, pictures, videos, etc. and senior management executives are increasingly using their smart phones compared to laptops, securing mobile phones is not given top priority in the IT security agenda of many business organizations. It is highly recommended that every organization includes a ‘Mobile Phone Security Policy’ in their IT Security Policy and Procedures. The policy may include a security checklist similar to the one given below. Continue reading “Checklist to secure data in mobile phones”

US loses one laptop every 50 seconds in its airport!!

Imagine the situation of losing one’s laptop. What is the cost? It involves not only losing a significant expense but also the data stored in it which may range from personal data like photos, important numbers, music, software etc to corporate data where the cost involved could be unimaginable. A recent survey conducted by  Dell and Ponemon Institute reveals that upto 12000 laptops are stolen in the United States Airport every week. This means one laptop is getting stolen every 50 seconds approximately!! Continue reading “US loses one laptop every 50 seconds in its airport!!”

10 Steps To Secure Remote Access Software

Remote access software has many useful areas of application like internal IT support, vendor support for software / hardware, accessing office computer from home pc, webinars, etc. However, remote access usage comes with a plethora of security concerns. In this article, I am enlisting some of the basic security measures to be taken by users of remote access software to protect their information assets. Continue reading “10 Steps To Secure Remote Access Software”