Is Anti-virus software needed for Linux?

Linux is considered a very safe OS. This is mainly because there are more Windows machines than Linux boxes. For hackers it makes more sense to attack a wider population to get better results. As a result Linux has been spared of widespread virus attacks. This does not mean Linux has bullet-proof safety against viruses. The following table lists some linux viruses which necessiates administrators to consider anti-virus measures to be implemented. Continue reading “Is Anti-virus software needed for Linux?”

Securing Endpoints

Endpoint security has been gaining ground in the IT Security world in the last couple of years, though they have been around for more than a decade and a half. The first product from the Endpoint Security stable was the anti-virus software. Now endpoint security includes personal firewall, host IDS, anti-spyware, client anti-spam, client remote access etc apart from many other tools. This article delves more into the concept of endpoint security.


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