Smart ATM offers Cardless Cash Withdrawal to Avoid Card Skimmers

Banks have tried every effort, from providing Magnetic Stripes based Credit and Debit Cards to Chip-and-Pin Cards, in order to secure its users from credit card cloning and card Skimmers.

It has been known from years that Magnetic stripe are incredibly hackable, but Chip-n-Pin cards have also been hacked and successfully cloned by a group of security researchers. A unit of Canada’s Bank of Montreal, BMO Harris Bank is launching the U.S.’s biggest cardless ATM network that allows its customers to withdraw cash within seconds, using nothing but their smartphones.

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IBM Sponsored Study Finds Mobile App Developers Not Investing in Security

The findings show nearly 40 percent of large companies, including many in the Fortune 500 , aren’t taking the right precautions to secure the mobile apps they build for customers. The study also found organizations are poorly protecting their corporate and BYOD mobile devices against cyber-attacks i 1 2 opening the door for hackers to easily access user, corporate and customer data.

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Security risks of networked medical devices

Networked medical devices linked to the Internet of Things (IoT) hold tremendous promise if security is built in from the outset, according to a new report by Intel Security and the Atlantic Council.

The benefits of networked healthcare come with several main areas of concern: theft of personal information, intentional tampering with devices to cause harm, widespread disruption and accidental failures.

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