Evil 8: Mobile Security Threats

CSA (Cloud Security Alliance), an non-profit organization with a mission to promote security best practices within cloud computing, has come up with a list of ‘Top Threats to Mobility’ from a cloud centric view point. These threats, named as ‘Evil 8.0’ by CSA, have been listed below. Though, these threats are cloud centric, they are very relevant to all mobile end users and enterprises which are not on the cloud. Continue reading “Evil 8: Mobile Security Threats”

India’s white label initiative off to a slow start

“Make haste slowly,” seems to be the theme of India’s initiative to bring ATM-based financial services to the country’s millions of rural unbanked citizens. Of 13 IADs that have received in-principal approval from the Reserve Bank of India to install white label ATMs throughout the country, only one — Tata Communications — has actually commenced operations.



Dbinbox: Enable anonymous uploads to your Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the most popular file synchronization and cloud hosting services on today’s Internet.


Dbinbox is a third party open source service that enables anonymous uploads on Dropbox. What is meant by that is that you can use their web service afterwards – without signing in if you want – to upload files to your Dropbox account.


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Compliance and security vulnerabilities are top concerns for POS systems

Without adequate controls to manage store systems and the increase in number and variety of devices – retailers can expect security costs to continue to increase rapidly. Earlier this year, McAfee and IHL Group conducted an anonymous survey of senior retail and hospitality executives to discuss their strategies to meet PCI compliance and security for their retail systems.


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Researchers detail attacks for compromising Dropbox user accounts

Dropbox, the popular file hosting service that has managed to amass over 100 million users in the five years since it was launched, has had its fair share of problems: security glitches, hacks, being used as a malware hosting site, etc.

The latest one are two researchers that not only managed to reverse engineer (unpack, decrypt and decompile) the Dropbox client software (i.e. desktop app), but have documented the step-by-step process and have made it public.


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Ways to Encrypt Data to Store in Cloud

For very many people, security is one of the most important issues when it gets to sending their files into the cloud. They worry that their files will be seen or even compromised by other persons because that is what took place in the past. The user accounts used to be hacked, cloud storage systems failed and personal files and data were exposed. Therefore, how can you successfully prevent that from ever happening even when the account gets hacked or something happens to your provider of cloud storage?


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10 Endpoint Security Technologies And Tips Proven To Deny Hackers

Businesses are increasingly looking at technologies to better detect targeted attacks and defend against phishing campaigns designed to trick end users into clicking on malicious files. Endpoint security technologies are now using a variety of new measures, from sandboxing to isolate and inspect the behavior of files to crowdsourcing capabilities that provide businesses faster protection against custom malware.


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