Typosquatting-Use of Doppelganger Domains to steal data

We often mistype domain names when we are searching the web or trying to access a website. For e.g. we type instead of gmail.com, we may type gamil.com or icicibank can be typed as icici bank. Researchers have now shown that by creating ‘doppelganger’ (German origin-meaning duplicate or double) domains it is possible to steal information. A extract of the article has been included here.
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Some “Dumb” Hacks

Hackers are known to be very clever and smart — which they need to be to remain one step ahead of the IT Security Professionals and the law administrators. However, here are some interesting “dumb moves” by Hackers that helped the officials track them down. Extracted from an article by Alan Wlasuk, and from a recent “PC World” article.


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