It is our 10th Birthday



10 years ago on the 27th of August 2001, we started our journey under the corporate identity of “Qadit Systems & Solutions Pvt Ltd”, to provide quality Information Security Assurance & Consultancy services.


Today as we enter our 11th year, we wish to
Thank all our Clients, Associates, Partners and Well-Wishers for being part of this enjoyable journey and for


    your words of wisdom, encouragement and appreciation;


    the opportunities provided for helping us improve and expand our service offerings;


    your suggestions and honest opinions that have helped us ensure the quality of our service; and


    the constant support and strength that your association has provided us.



We look forward to your continued patronage and good wishes in our ongoing journey.



A Heartfelt


from The Team @ Qadit.

Operation Shady RAT

McAfee revealed a 5 year cyber-espionage campaign it called “Shady Rat” which it claims have affected upto 72 organisations in 14 countries. Organisations affected by the Shady Rat are said to have lost emails, design plans, strategy documents etc. McAfee reports that this is a hack of unprecedented propotions and that advanced persistent threats are to blame.


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ATM Skimming – Precautions To Be Taken

ATM Skimming happens when thieves attach devices onto ATMs in order to copy a credit-or-debit-card number, the information on the magnetic strip and even your personal identification number.


A fraudster can benefit from ATM Skimming by creating a cloned card that can be used in an ATM or at a POS terminal. For using in the POS Terminal, only the magnetic strip info is required, whereas for using in an ATM, the fraudster will need the PIN also.


Thus there are two critical components involved in ATM Skimming : a device on the card-reader slot to obtain the magnetic strip information from the card; and either a camera or a pin-pad device on the existing pin-pad to obtain the PIN.


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